Repair TPMS sensors without even taking the tires off the vehicle?

Galvanic corrosion causes most TPMS sensor failures.  Until now, techs usually had to replace the whole sensor module, rebalance the wheel, and reset/relearn the TPMS sensor. Ken-Tool’s reCore technology allows you to drill out the corroded valve core, tap new threads, and install a new, corrosion-proof valve core and stem.  No need to remove the tire from the wheel.  The Ken-Tool reCore TPMS sensor saver system

  • Quick: 10-15 minute install, no TPMS relearns, and no time wasted selecting the right sensor.
  • Profitable:  Over 200 million TPMS sensors  on the road today and the kit pays for itself after the first few uses. Additional stems available for kit.

Features and Benefits of the reCore system.

  • Extends the life of a sensor that has galvanic corrosion to the stem and core since there is no need to replace the entire TPMS unit
  • Adds less than 1/4 oz to the wheel or tire so you don’t have to rebalance the wheel.
  • Saves time for tech’s and customers as the sensor remains on the wheel mounted to the vehicle.
  • Installs in under 15 minutes.
  • O-ring and Ken-Lok thread sealant ensure an secure. air-tight seal.
  • Valve cores are pre-torqued to 4-inch-lbs and the high quality nickle plated brass on the reCore Sensor will cause galvanic corrosion