McGee Company offers several leading automotive alignment equipment brands including Hunter,  Cemb , and Coats, as well as Specialty alignment shims and tools.  Automotive Alignments are quick and easy to perform with the latest technology. They are one of the highest profit margin services a dealer, tire shop, or collision center can offer.

Modern alignment equipment allow a technician to check alignments in less than two minutes, helping to identify vehicles that need to be aligned.  Get all of the auto shop equipment you need from one place at an affordable price with great customer service.  Hunter specializes in complete wheel alignment systems and wheel alignment machines that are built to drive shop productivity and generate profitability.  Finding the right alignment system for your needs is key to our success as McGee Company as we grow with you!

Alignment equipment

We have Camera Alignment systems available to handle CodeLink steering angle sensor reset. Codelink provides customers printout explanations, plus gives technicians the ability to enter VIN data via a bar code scan tool. Having the right equipment that is ADAS (Advanced Driver Awareness Systems like lane departure) compatible is important to make sure you can grow your business as more people buy vehicles with these sensors.

Contact us for new automotive alignment instrumentation, diagnostic tools, and racks/lifts.  McGee Company has the sales team to make sure you get the right alignment equipment for your needs and to allow you to grow your business.  We offer turnkey solutions to fit your budget, your needs, and where you want to take your business but check out our testimonials if you don’t believe us.

Check out our tire changers, balancers, and brake lathes for more automotive equipment to outfit your shop or dealership.


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