McGee Company offers a few solutions to compressed air and fluid distribution systems. Copper piping has been the leader for a long time in the industry, however, aluminum from Prevost is now reliable alternative.  Over the past 40 years, Prevost has designed and created a widespread assortment of products for your air piping needs.  McGee Company carries a variety of safety couplings, couplings, nipples, piping, air preparation, pneumatic equipment, and blow guns. Reliable tools and extended service life is what Prevost is known for which saves customers money, time, and hassle while keeping them up and running.

Prevost has an in house development and research team with an ergonomics focus in mind to give the best user experience.  Tools need to be easy and comfortable to grip with safety features and a leak free use to ensure the best experience for users.  Prevost prides itself on being able to provide this experience and is a primary vendor for McGee Company for compressed air needs.

Piping is a necessary part of your air network, by choosing the correct size and type is important to perform your service in the best possible way.  McGee’s experts can customize your modular piping system in AutoCAD for a completely expandable system to meet your companies growing need for compressors, filters, regulators, and dryers.

McGee Company offers a wide range of piping sizes and types to accommodate your industrial needs.  McGee provides top quality piping to its customers.  Companies such as Prevost, provide highly efficient, tight sealing system that provides outstanding mechanical strength.  Prevost utilizes aluminum and copper piping both are corrosive proof and easy to modify for additional machinery.

If you need any help or simply don’t want to install the system yourself just give McGee Company a call (1-800-525-8888) and we’ll come out and install your system.  Piping is just the beginning step, to having your shop fully functional and operational for business. The next step is acquiring the needed filters to protect your equipment from dirt, water condensation, and rust from damaging your compressors or air system.

McGee Company offers 100% aluminum pipes for compressed air, nitrogen systems, and vacuum in diameters of ½” – 3” (16mm – 80mm) from Prevost.

  • All pipes and fittings are labeled to help easy size identification
  • Great for temperatures -4°F to +176°F
  •  Rust and corrosion resistant with max working pressure of 232 psi

Customize your network with a. complete range of aluminum pipe fittings and accessories

  • 100% Aluminum nut and body
  • Double lobed nitrile ring
  • Stainless steel grip ring
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