100% Aluminum Piping For Compressed Air

Features & Benefits:

  • The upgraded design of the new PPS1 aluminum fitting is more compact, lighter and more resistant.
  • Aluminum offers great mechanical resistance to pressure and to impacts.
  • Aluminum is compatible with compressor lubricants.


Features & Benefits:

  • The aluminum alloy used, combined with epoxy paint on the outside and a treatment on the inside, protects the pipe against the risks of oxidation and corrosion.
  • The PPS1 fitting ensures that facilities are modular and scalable.
  • Simply insert the pipe into the fitting and then tighten the PPS1 fitting.
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The “PPS Grip Concept” ensures a flawless connection and zero leaks. Flow rates are optimized thanks to a perfectly smooth internal pipe surface, a low friction coefficient, and a large internal diameter.

How to install your Prevost aluminum piping compressed air system and fittings?

How to attach your compressed air system?
How to mount fittings on pipes?
How to install a tapping port flange?

What makes Prevost Couplers special?

Easy to identify

  • -Each Coupler is engraved with the Prevost logo.

Sizing labeled

  • -Each Coupler has the outer diameter listed in mm and inches.


  • -Each Coupler has the service pressure maximum labeled (bar/psi).


  • -Each Coupler is marked to show the pipe is correctly positioned in the fitting.

PPS Grip Concept

PPS Grip Concept has “teeth” on the stainless steel ring that penetrate the aluminum pipe while the contoured and lubricated seal ensures against leaks in the most challenging conditions. The seal has been specifically designed for compressed air or liquid applications. It comprises two Teflon-coated lobes to optimize tightness against leaks. Internal parts cannot be detached from the body after assembly.