Factory certified technicians servicing
Rotary automotive lifts, Quincy compressors and Graco lubrication equipment.

AirMac Service Company

 Industrial Air Compressors

AirMac Service specializes in servicing and installing Rotary automotive lifts, Quincy compressors and Graco lubrication equipment. We’re proud to carry the largest inventory of repair parts and service solutions within the Rocky Mountain Region.

Turnkey Installation

Regardless if you have new or existing equipment, our specially trained technical specialists can design and install your lubrication, lift, exhaust systems or compressor systems. Call us today for your free site consultation.


AirMac has a full assortment of rental compressors at the ready. Contact us to discuss which products will meet your emergency or temporary air needs.

Maintenance Agreements

Proper compressor and lift maintenance is required to extend the life of your equipment. To help you in this effort, our team can put together a customized maintenance agreement to best care for your company’s hardware. The schedule we create will honor both your business’s hours and the established service intervals for your equipment. We will inspect your compressors and lifts, then change the oil and replace the filters as needed. If your business uses synthetic oil, we can analyze the lubricant and make corrective adjustments. A summary of recommended repairs or service updates will be provided after each visit.

Quick Service

AirMac understands that down time costs you money. To keep your equipment running – and to protect your bottom line – we offer emergency service. Our technicians will work as quickly as possible to repair your equipment and get your business back online. However, if the repairs require an extended period of time, our team will work to meet your individual needs with specialized rental equipment.