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Larry H. Miller Dealerships has been doing business with the McGee Company for well over 30 years. They provide service and equipment to our dealerships in the six markets we do business in, and their equipment line mirrors our needs really well. McGee Company can assist you with a small project, such as a hoist replacement or a major construction project. Their prices are fair and competitive, and they stand behind all of their products. We have had a wonderful experience with them over the years.

Dan J

Senior Vice President of Fixed Operations

Honnen Equipment Company recently contracted with McGee Company for the installation of new waste oil storage systems at two of our locations. Chris Parsons was our account manager and handled everything to complete the work in an efficient and timely manner.  He gave us design options, provided estimates, worked with local agencies for permitting, and worked with our onsite employees to provide us with a quality job in the end. The jobs were completed on budget, and they completed the projects with virtually no interruption to our daily business. Everything was completed in professional manner. I would recommend McGee Company to anyone looking to have this type of work done.

Chris W

Region Service Manager

McGee Company was instrumental in helping us design, lay out, build and install a new complete shop air system and bulk oil dispensing system in our new heavy equipment shop addition and existing weld shop building. With their experience we were able to have a shop air system installed that not only meets, but exceeds the needs for a full time heavy equipment repair facility. We are able to carbon arc and plasma cut in our weld shop all while simultaneously using air tools and air pumps in our heavy equipment repair shop.

The lube system McGee designed and installed allows us to store our bulk tanks outside and dispense fluids inside, eliminating the need and wasted time of technicians filling oil carts. This, in and of itself greatly increases technician efficiency.Both of these systems were flawlessly designed to be maintenance free and last forever. In our application, we couldn’t have asked for a better result.

James K

Equipment Operations Manager

When it was time to move my 9 bay automotive shop, I called McGee company to help with the lifts, air compressor, brake lathes and additions to the new shop including running air lines for the compressor and ordering shop related equipment. I needed all this to go smoothly without a hitch, McGee Company was there for me like a partner in my move. I can not tell you how important they were in my move and it went smoothly. They sold me all my equipment, have been there to help with servicing it as well. I have been with them for decades and  I can’t give a higher recommendation if you need new shop equipment,  service of existing equipment or other service needs I look no further than McGee.

Brandon B


McGee Company is the best! 

I am a shop owner, setting up a new automobile dry ice cleaning business.  I needed a compressor to run my dry ice cleaning machine.  McGee gave me excellent consultation on what I would need.  Not only did they provide me with a quality compressor, but also built a complete system, including a transformer, tank, and disconnect.  They delivered and installed the units when they said they would, set them up, and offered me great training, all at a very fair and reasonable price.  My business is up and running thanks to their knowledge and advice.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the folks there.  They offer excelled products, expertise, and service.  In my view, this is a company you want to work with.

Alan A

Shop Owner

Mile High Auto Salon @milehighautosalon

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