Our professional Compressed Air Products Division team at McGee Company  serves clients as a compressed air systems distributor in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. We provide Compressor sales, mobile service, compressed air maintenance, as well as design and installation of compressed air systems. In addition, we offer Educational training and air system seminars.  We also service Reciprocating compressors, Rotary screw compressors, Vacuum systems and Air treatment components

Compressed Air Product Areas

Services Provided by McGee Company Compressed Air Products Division

  • Utilize the latest compressed air technology and vacuum equipment.
  • Perform energy-efficiency compressed air audits.
  • Design air compressor controls.
  • Provide Piping design and installation.
  • Have a rental fleet of 6 electric compressors.
  • Provide assistance with power rebates for the purchase of VFD drives, premium motors, and no loss drains.
  • We also offer Air Compressor Repair.

McGee Company serves Companies large and small

McGee Company is involved with virtually every industry since Compressed Air is used in some form in most industrial applications.  The typical company McGee Company services ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The industry type is very diverse, such as agricultural and meat processing plants, or Automotive service facilities to large industrial manufacturers, such as hospitals and printing facilities.

McGee Company has a team of experts available to help with your compressed air systems needs

McGee Company provides an infrastructure to support its account managers, who are educated, trained and focused. We also have a technical support system consisting of teams of specialists in pneumatic components, service coordinators, mechanics, and piping experts. McGee Company has the flexibility to present and address complete systems from design through implementation.  We can coordinate your projects by working closely with your staff in design and engineering, planning, production and plant management. You can rely on us to keep your compressed air system functioning properly while you are free to focus on your primary goals.