A dryer is an effective tool at removing unwanted moisture at all flow rates from your air system.  It’s a necessary part to every air system. Depending on the size of the compressor determines the type of dryer needed to ensuring that its running at optimal capacity.

McGee Company can Sell or Rent you a Champion or Hankison refrigerated air dryer for your business or even personal needs.  Hankison dryers are efficient, reliable, effective and offer energy saving modes. Plus the ability to remotely monitoring via computer. Designing the right system for your needs is where McGee Company comes in.  Our compressed air specialists, seen below, can design the perfect setup for your needs.

To keep your tools running effectively you need to remove atmospheric contaminants like water vapor that can cause rust in tools.  Compressing air increases the dew point of the air inside the system relative to outside.  This process allows water to condensate in the pipes and move downstream from the compressor into other elements on the system. Water in a compressed air system can cause a variety of problems like freezing in outdoor lines, corrosion in piping/tools, malfunctions of controls, and can ruin tools. Contact us today to get the right dryer for your system.