McGee Company offers a variety of brands to fit your tire patch needs.  We specialize in finding the right tire patch fit for the job at hand to ensure you are always up and running.  McGee carries Tire Patches from Rema Tip Top, Prema, Jet, Ascot, Xtra Seal, and Tech in addition to many more based on our extensive 70 plus year history in the business. Therefore, we know your needs for tire patches can come in any size from a small nail hole to the massive OTR, and just like our patches, we come in all sizes too!  Patches are an important part in your tire supply arsenal, don’t forget your other supply needs.

McGee Company offers complete startup systems for passenger and light truck tire puncture repair. Each system includes the recommended mix of tire repair materials, chemicals, and tools for the job. Precise step-by-step, industry approved guidelines are included as well in each of these manageable and well organized systems.  Likewise you don’t have to start with a kit and can pick up the right tire patches for your needs.

Tire Repair Training by McGee Company

McGee Company offers proper tire repair training in every area we service with our qualified sales reps.  Get your team together for a refresher or new training course on proper tire repair to ensure your team is meeting TIA and TRMG guidelines. Knowing the difference between a proper tire repair and an improper tire repair could be critical to your customer’s safety and ensures you aren’t liable! 

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