Pincott Retreading Blades: The Essential Tool for High-Quality Tire Retreading

  1. Introduction: Pincott buffing blades play an essential role in the tire retreading process, ensuring high-quality and well textured tire casings. In this overview, we’ll discuss the importance of these blades and highligh some leading tire retreading companies and how they use Pincott blades to produce top quality retreads.
  2. What is Tire Retreading? Tire retreading, also known as tire remolding, is the process of replacing the worn tread on used tires with a new layer of rubber. Retreaded tires are popular in commercial and industrial sectors due to their cost-effectiveness and environmental advantages.
  3. What is the role of Pincott retreading blades in the retreading process: Pincott retreading blades are specialized cutting tools designed for the tire retreading industry to prepare the surface of a tire. They are used during the buffing stage of the retreading process, where the worn tread is removed from the tire casing. The high-quality and precision of Pincott retreading blades ensures a smooth and even surface depending on your buffing texture needs for retread and tire repair applications, which is crucial for a strong bond between the new tread and the tire casing.

Blades In Use

Types of Rasp Blades

Standard Series

Made with an exclusive heat treating process that reduces tooth breakage on these rasp blades.  The unique design allows Pincotts’ to run cooler, with faster material removal, and no blade warpage resulting in a lower cost per buff tire.


Smart Series

Manufactured with a unique sinusoidal (wave- like) form which introduces a multidirectional cutting action. This wave-like form creates greater strength in the blade and its teeth of your rasp and allows a cutting action produces less drag on the rasp motor, saving you energy.


Ultra Series

Similar to your standard series but with a unique tooth setting to enhance the strength of the teeth and produce cooler cutting.  The teeth of the blades are the same width throughout which is combined with a constant cutting angle which produces the same surface finish for the entire life of the blade.


Coming Soon

With over six decades of experience and the premier blade performance in the industry, Pincott is poised to launch a new line.  We pride our selves on bringing only the best to market and have developed this over five years. Testing in both the lab & the shop is crucial to ensure we bringing our customers the best product.


Why purchase from McGee Company?

In addition to using high-quality Pincott retreading blades, it is important to purchase them from a reputable and reliable supplier. McGee Company is a leading supplier of tire service equipment and supplies, compressed air products, and retreading, including Pincott blades. They have been in business for over 70 years and have a team of experienced professionals who can provide expert advice and support. McGee Company also offers competitive pricing and fast shipping to ensure that you get the products you need when you need them. By purchasing Pincott blades from McGee Company, you can have confidence that you are getting the best products and service available in the industry.

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We use Pincott blades here at STM and love them!

Steve B, STM Salt Lake

Since converting to Pincott blades we get a consistent texture for longer which leads to a lower cost per buff.  It is worth buying a premium product.

Bart P, Region Manager, Rice Tire
Pincott blades have been a staple since inception where they proved their durability and performance. They provide a top tier buff for the right price.
Ian M, McGee Company

We’ve been Pincott Distributors for years. The product is of extremely high quality and the staff is always helpful with any situation that arises.

Joe Maffia, Rubber Inc

Just wanted to stop a second and thank you again for being the supplier of this franchise, the very best buffing blades we have ever used. I’ve tried them all and this blade has out performed every last one of them for my 20 years of retreading.

Thanks again and don’t run out.

Max W, T & W Tire