Jason on the counter knows his patches.
Check out his Jet video: https://youtu.be/4nLtNrrZ5BA

Jet Tire Repair Materials

Jason here with McGee Company.

Today I want to talk about our Jet tire repair material line. The Jet line is an affordable, high quality tire repair materials line that belongs in any shop. Jet patches come in sizes ranging from your small bicycle tire repair to large Off The Road (OTR) sizes. Additionally, we offer full cabinets stocked for all your needs with our most popular Jet items. This includes a variety of patches, stichers, and all the necessary chemicals. The cabinet has our McGee phone number for easy refills when you run out. The cabinet has a locking feature to protect your materials Here at McGee Company we offer training/seminars for proper tire repair based on the guidelines of Rubber Manufacturer’s Association.