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Lift Uses

A lift can give you the space for your hobby or allow you to do any of the work you need in your own garage.  Direct Lifts are affordable, safe, and reliable for whatever truck, car or motorcycle you want to lift off the ground.  Four post lifts can be great for storage in a shop or your garage.

Two post options allow you to get the work done ranging from oil changes, brake work, to tire rotations.  They will keep you off the ground on your back and away from the creeper to get work done.

McGee Company stocks Direct Lifts, which are produced by the same manufacture of Rotary and Forward lifts. Direct Lift is the cost effective lift line designed for light duty service and the car enthusiast with the engineering of top tier dealership.  Direct lift is ” America’s #1 hobbyist lift” and great for all ranges of ability.  Let us help you find the right automotive lift and get you the custom garage feel.

Types of Lifts

Four Post Lifts

Home enthusiasts, hobbyists, shops and the do it yourself professional four-post lift.  You can park your car on it, put your stuff on it, work under it while protecting your lower back and any additional vehicles you have!


Two Post Lifts

Straightforward function of a two-post lift to lift a vehicle safely to facilitate any work you want to do. Direct Lift offers low ceiling baseplate models and the popular 9,000-pound capacity DL9. These are two post lifts are ideal for a garage where you work on cars or for the do it yourself shop that wants everyone to come over all the time and use the lift!



Direct Lift has a variety of motorcycle lift options that scale up from the base platform motorcycle lift.  To operate these lift, all you need is an air supply as they are air over hydraulic.  You can move them around your shop very easily which increases your productivity as you don’t need a dedicated space for the lift at all times.



I have and love my Direct Lift –I have spoken of it quite a few times on the Corvette Forum over the years (My user name is Glava2876).

My Propark is about 5 years old and still works flawlessly –I use it to add a parking space and also to work on my cars, doing oil changes, flushing brakes, and many other maintenance chores.
There is one thing that changed; when I first bought the lift, I had a 2015 Stingray, which fit the lift perfectly –but last year I traded in on a 2019 Z06.

The problem is the Z06 is wider and though it still fits great under the lift, the rear tires are a little wider than the lift when I drive onto it -about 1” each side.
Since the tires are about 12” wide, it’s no real problem with support and I actually just changed the oil on it last week.


You we’re very professional and quick. We will recommend your services to our friends.

The Pro Park 8 PLUS LONG which I need for my 156” wheelbase cars was Just installed Saturday morning with the delivery time perfectly punctual.

So far the lift is working great. Since it had no facility for attaching a winch, I had to put the lift close to the door, then use wheel dollies to pivot the car around behind it to get it aligned, then pulled it up little by little using my old Plymouth Voyager.

The car is a 1951 Henney-Packard which is heavy and having been told mistakenly by the installer that it can be moved with a car on it, I did so (I had to move it back about 6” because it was too close to the door to get it closed) and twisted the wheel devices but replacements are on the way so good service too.

Incidentally, a bug on this site restricted jpeg while allowing the identical format jpg. In order to upload them, I had to make screen captures.


I purchased your product and wanted to follow up with a letter of recommendation. I received my Pro-Cycle Motorcycle Lift last week. I followed your instructions that were included with the lift and everything went perfect. I must tell you how impressed I was with the quick delivery and the super service I received from both the home office as well as your dealer.

I received the lift 3 days after placing the order! How cool is that? I have already had my personal bike on and off the lift 5 or 6 times and am super happy with the performance.

I am just in the start-up phase of my new Motorcycle Build/Assembly and Modification business and your lift is the perfect tool for this endeavor. In comparing the other lifts I’ve seen, I feel I received a super value and could not be happier with the cost and construction.

I am a member of the local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association and am in contact with many other motorcycle owners. I will not hesitate to mention as well as demonstrate my lift to other riders. If you would send me some business cards as well as stickers, etc., I will be glad to pass them on.

Thanks again for making such a great product and remembering that customer service is what it’s all about.

One very happy customer,

Boise, ID


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