Ceiling Height Calculator

Fill out the measurements in the areas below to see what the required ceiling height will be.  All measurements are in inches.

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Required Ceiling Height Calculator

Please select a Four Post Lift:

Step 1: Determine drive thru height
(e) Note: when a vehicle is raised on a four post lift and after reaching the desired height, the vehicle is lowered onto locking mechanisms in each of the four posts. These locking mechanisms are referred to as "locks" and serve to relieve the pressure on the hydraulic cylinders.
(d) Using the lock heights below for the lift you have selected, round your bottom vehicle height up to the nearest lock height. (See Illustration to the left)

Lock heights: (under runway)
" " " " " "
" " " " "  
Step 2: Calculate your required height to the lowest obstruction, enter values in inches below.
(a) Min. clearance to lowest obstruction   "
(b) Top vehicle height + inches
(c) Runway thickness + "
(d) Drive under height (from Step 1) + inches
  Required ceiling height = "