Why do you need to replace stems and kits with TPMS?

We all know we are supposed to do it, but do our customers understand? It is our job to ensure they know and follow the laws.

Remember, replacing the TPMS valve stem (snap-in rubber or clamp-in aluminum) or the TPMS service kit with each tire sale is done for the same reasons a traditional TR-413 snap-in is replaced with each new tire. If you need assistance in educating your customers of the importance in maintaining the TPM safety system, I encourage you to use your resources:

  • Replace the nickel-plated valve core every time a tire is removed or mounted.
  • If the sensor is removed, the grommet or O-ring should be replaced.
    • When you tighten down on the grommet the rubber creates a seal with the surface in unseeable groves

We were sent the links below related to a BAR investigation in California. This is in regards to TPMS service kits and valve stems.