New 433 & 315 Dual band EZ sensor

New 433 MHz EZ-Sensor (#33200)

Old 433 MHz EZ-Sensor (#33200)

Schrader announces the release of the new dual band 315 & 433 MHz EZ-Sensor (balck) with Wireless Auto-Locate (WAL).

What does it do?

WAL is unique Schrader feature that allows the vehicles TPMS system to automatically locate and identify each TPMS sensor’s specific location.  This allows users to avoid a relearn procedure after  tire changes, tire repair, sensor replacements,seasonal tire changeovers , and wheel rotation.  The new 433 MHz is the only patented sensor that can replicate the technology found in Schrader OEM sensors.


What are the benefits?

More EZ-Sensor Coverage: Increases coverage to 89% of all TPMS equipped vehicles.

No Relearn Required: No need to preform a relearn after most service and repair scenarios like tire change, and rotation.

Added Consumer Insights: OEMs use WAL technology to improve the range of TPMS informational benefits like specific pressure-by-positioning dashboard displays.

OEMs use of WAL: Many models from Jeep®, Chrysler®, Dodge ®, Smart®, Mercedes Benz®, and Fiat®


What does it mean?

  • The new black #33500 EZ-Sensor increases the coverage to all WAL and non-WAL applications covered by the 433 and 315 MHz EZ-Sensor.
  • The price of the new sensor will stay the same as the old #33500 even though the #33200 has stopped being produced
  • Bartec® tools will require a software update!
  • Check out our sizing guide to see what TPMS sensors fit your needs.
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