Chicago Pneumatic (CP) offers a diversity of tools that McGee Company carries.  Since the early 1960s McGee Company used to manufacture compressors.  By the eighties, economies of scale made this unfeasible for McGee Company and so we looked to compressor experts like CP and Quincy to fill the needs of our customers. CP was a natural fit due to their experience building high quality and durable air tools like the workhorse CP77826.  Their expertise isn’t limited to compressors or impact wrenches however, CP still produces top quality air tools to get the job done at your shop, dealership, or mobile operation.  Learn more about what air tools McGee Company has on offer.

Air Tools

Chicago Pneumatic offers a variety of air tools using the latest tech and materials, like composite housing or steel housing for the toughest materials in the field.


Chicago Pneumatic rotary screw compressors

Chicago Pneumatic designs and builds compressed air products such as screw compressors, piston compressors and air treatment and is a leader in the market.

CP has been around for over 120 years with sustainability in mind.  Learn more about what makes them a valued partner to McGee Company and a brand you can trust.  We know you don’t by a tool or a compressor due to just the name.  It is about the relationship and trust you have with us and the brands we sell.  McGee Company won’t let you down with tools that don’t get the job done.  We make sure to size the equipment we sell to what your current needs are and where you want to go.