McGee Company stocks valves and valve hardware from Dill, Haltec and Schrader as well as import stems. We cover everything from rubber passenger tire valves, large bore, super large, Z bore, to Mega Bore Valve systems, allowing your business to manage any job, from passenger to heavy equipment.

McGee carries an extensive selection of valve hardware, including air gauges, air chucks and inflators made in the USA including several styles in large and standard bore. We also carry a choice of on and off the road thread depth and core tools for standard and large bore applications.

Valve Extensions

We stock a full selection of rigid and flexible valve extensions for standard and large bore applications including Crossfire equalizers to maintain air pressure in dual wheel applications. Metal extensions can also be helpful when inflating wheels fitted with short or difficult to reach tire valves.

McGee Company also carries Air-Flexx valve extensions that are flexible while stiff enough to eliminate the need for a rim holder, clamp or stabilizer during inflation. This saves money and time. Since it is an add on to the regular valve if the extension is severed or broken there no pressure lost from the tire. Air Flexx is designed for use on spare wheels with angled extensions of 45°, 90°, 135° or 180°.

Cross FireAir Flexx

Valve Cores

Regardless of the valve type, the valve core is the fundamental sealing device and should be snugly screwed into the valve core chamber.

All valve cores feature a seal attached to a movable, spring-loaded pin that allows pressurized air to pass when inflating a tire, as well as air to escape when the pin is depressed to unseat the seal. While valve cores themselves can accept a working pressure of 300 psi, it is important to protect them from grit, sand and moisture. Grit and sand might prevent valve cores from sealing completely, and moisture can freeze in cold temperatures and defeat the seal.

Three types of valve caps are available: plastic dome, metal dome or a metal “screwdriver” design used to tighten and loosen valve cores. The plastic dome caps are fine for normal driving and autocrossing, however they should be replaced with metal valve caps to withstand the high temperatures experienced during racetrack driving. Valve caps are knurled to make it easier to tighten or loosen them, while some metal caps feature hex head designs. Metal caps use a rubber washer or O-rings to seal the valve completely.

Valve Caps


McGee Company carries a wide selection of TPMS aftermarket valves in rubber snap in and metal applications. Please see our online TPMS application guide