Did you know that McGee Company offers tire repair training in addition to all the tools and materials needed for tire repair? McGee Company carries a variety of manufacturers like Rema, Prema, Tech, XtraSeal and Jet. With billions of tire repairs installed globally, our tire repair lines last the life of the tire as well as meet all global published government and industry standards for proper tire repair. The brands McGee carries are endorsed and are used by the world’s largest tire manufacturers/retreaders and their subsidiaries. No matter the size of your tire, McGee Company has a complete repair range of tire and tube repairs for every process from bicycle to Off-the-Road.

We offer a fully stocked cabinet with all the materials you need in addition to any individual materials. Click McGee_Tire_Repair_manual to check out our pdf guide.  Check out our training video with Jet tire repair materials here:

Jet Center-Over-Injury Repairs are designed for use in all radial tires. The Jet Radial Repair is intended for use in HOT or Cold applications.  Jet are designed for use in the crown, sidewall and shoulder of radial tires.  Install with Jet Fast Dry Vulcanizing Cement.  Refer to the Jet Repair Chart for proper selection of the repair unit.  Always fill the injury channel with the appropriate Jet repair material.  McGee Company has the right repair products for you needs, get a quote today or schedule a training online.