Extruder guns are designed to fill a wide range of injuries on tires easily without trapping air in a quick manner.  Extruders are ideal for section repair build up and for filling skives.  McGee Company caries a wide variety of extruders to suit your needs and your budget.  Proper maintenance of your extruders ensures a long and productive life on the tool.  There are a couple of best practices for your extruders which will help you keep your tool for the long run and keep your cost per cure down in the retreading sector.

Removing the rubber from your extruder when you are done using it is crucial to a long life on your tool.  If the rubber hardens in the barrel, there is potential the internal mechanics could be damaged  when you turn your extruder back on.  Make sure to remove rubber at the end of the day of use to assure proper long-term use of your extruder.

  • -Extruder guns are designed to fill a wide range of injuries quickly and easily without trapping air
  • -Perfect for section repair build-up and for filling skives
  • -Compact, lightweight, user-friendly, and uses Rope Rubber or Strip Stock