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Smart EV charging options for your home that are safe, convenient, and intelligent.

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Manage your business and/or fleet needs while boosting revenue or keeping costs down with smart monitoring and features.

Autel EV Chargers Powering The Planet

McGee Company proudly provides Autel EV solutions.  Autel believes modern life requires modern solutions as we stand at the crossroads of technology and functionality making the most advanced electric vehicle solutions accessible and convenient for residential and commercial applications.  McGee Company can help design the right layout for your system with the high quality products from Autel at a great value to ensure all our customers know they made the correct choice for the planet, their budget, and all their EV charging needs.

Residential Options

McGee Company offers two solutions for home applications of electric vehicle chargers from Autel.  The Maxicharger AC Home 40A NEMA with separate holster and the Maxicharger AC Home 50A with separate holster.  Both these amperage configurations are available with in-body holster as well.  These residential options allow you to charge your EV easily with quick installation, easy management from your phone with app controls so you don’t have to worry.  The app allows you to setup remote scheduling for start, stop and preset times with alerts and high visibility into what your charge status is.

The Maxicharger systems come with Bluetooth, WiFi, ethernet, and app capabilities so you can stay connected however is best for you. All the MaxiChargers are UL and CSA Certified for safety, ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency, and are standard with a 3-year warranty and technical support. McGee Company and Autel are available to answer your questions and guide you through the processes to make sure your charging experience is great.


Residential EV chargers shown with in-body and separate holster configurations.

We offer both an in-body holster and a separate charging holster to fit any location. Whether indoors or outdoors, hardwire or NEMA plug, our experts will help you every step of the way to ensure an easy, quick installation.  McGee and Autel will support self installation or professional help from an electrician.

Ergonomic Connector

Ergonomic EV charger plug in

The best charging experience demands comfort and convenience.  The Autel MaxiCharger J1772 connector is ergonomic and conforms to the natural shape of your hand with a smooth finish which ensures your grip is comfortable.

Commercial Options

Demand for EV chargers continues to grow and McGee Company offers the solution for all your commercial needs.  With Autel commercial charging, you can now appeal to a broader audience, provide simple solutions for every type of customer, and adapt to their needs effortlessly. Allowing customer to charge while they shop drives business to your location.  Autel software, support and hardware ensures a turnkey solution for your needs.  Commercial EV charging stations indicate your company’s commitment to a greener future for our planet.  McGee Company offers a variety of commercial options through Level 3 with units that can scale up capacity/output for indoor and outdoor applications. MaxiCharger Commercial options allow for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or 4G cellular connection, giving you the flexibility to connect the way that works best for you with backend monitoring for your chargers with dynamic pricing capabilities, scheduling, and real time monitoring from a phone or computer.

Commercial MaxiCharger

Level 3 Autel Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger for commercial applications.

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