Equal Flexx!

EQUAL FLEXX is the only internal adaptive balancing solution that reduces fuel and tire costs by minimizes vibration from the wheel end. With its dual force technology, FLEXX absorbs energy and vibrations, which lessens wear on tires and increases the tire life.

Fast Installation with “Drop-In” Bag!
Take an unmounted tire, drop in the EQUAL FLEXX bag and mount the tire. The bag breaks apart inside the tire during driving, making for a clean application.

How does Equal Flexx Balancing Compound work?


Over the life of a tire, the tread wears, resulting in a surface that is heavier in some areas and lighter in others. Equal FLEXX shifts to the lighter tread areas to compensate for the uneven weight as the tire spins. Unlike wheel weights, FLEXX perpetually adapts to balance a wheel assembly and tire. Trucks are more fuel efficient this way since tires stay on the road longer, which saves the end user money. Tires are at their peak fuel efficiency in the last 20% of wear, so longer wear helps your fleet take advantage of these savings.

A balanced and smoother ride with more miles from your tires and fuel savings of 2-3%

Reduces overall wear-and-tear and vibrations by 20-50%.


Energy is created as the tire vibrates.  Equal Flexx compound Dual Force technology absorbs this energy and the accompanying vibrations within the tire.  In addition to the footprint, everywhere there is vibration throughout the circumference of the tire Equal absorbs the energy.  This decreases vibrations throughout the wheel assembly.


Upward force is created as a tire follows a road’s uneven surface.  Equal balancing compound neutralizes this force by applying 30 pounds of uniform downward force at the footprint at highway speeds.  Simultaneously, Flexx disperses this energy as it absorbs it as well.  In turn, this flattens the contact point of the tire helping even out tread wear. Buy now!

Extends tire life by 10-40%.