Why select a Martins industries’ tire inflation cage?  Comparing Martins’ cages to the competition.

Welding Standards

All our cages are certified for AWS D1.1 & CWB 47.1 standards

Tube Sizes

Martins Industries uses 2.375” steel tubes which are 5.56% bigger than the competition.

Max Pressure Certification

Martins cages are designed and tested to meet exceed specifications of OSHA requirements for inflation at 130 PSI

Painting Standards

Martins cages are painted using a baked Powder coated paint with a Thickness of – 3 mils.  We use UV resistant paint so the cage will never lose its luster.

Steel Certification

All of our steel comes from USA mills with the ASTM A500 Grade C High Yield Strength certification.


All of Martins Industries’ cages are packaged in Cardboard box for a maximum protection during transportation.

Steel Plate Thickness

Martins Industries uses 0.200” steel plate for the base of the inflation cages.  The plate is 10.5% bigger than the competition.