Slide Mobile Column Lifts are easier and faster choice for any truck or HD maintenance shop and can be used in dealerships or traditional shops. Learn More Slide Two Post Lifts Available in Heavy Duty, Light Duty, and Enthusiast.

Service everything with this one lift!
Patented Trio™ Arm Design
Available with Shockwave™
Original “Double S” Column Design
Air Operated Lock Release
ALI Gold Certified (SPO20X)
Slide Rotary Lift 1. We have the products you need – where you need them.
2. We design and test our products to perform when you need
them - without letting you down.

3. We provide the highest quality available on the market
4. We put our experience to work for you, so you can do what
you do best.
Why Rotary Lifts?
Slide Inground lifts by Rotary CAD drawing 1. We have the products you need – where and when you need them.
2. Custom CAD design solutions tailored to your needs.
3. Local sales and service in addition to outside reps covering a majority of the US.
4. Family owned business since 1951!
Why McGee Company?
Slide Design, Installation, & Service


Maintenance Shops

Professional Garages

Commercial Spaces



External Structures

Bus Barns


Lifts In Use

Types of Lifts

Car/Truck Lifts

Two Post, Four Post, or Inground lifts from Rotary allow you the peace of mind of a trusted lift to service any type of vehicle for you mom and pop shop to your 80 bay dealership. Find the solution for you.


Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile column lifts come with 4-6 columns with adjustable wheel forks to accommodate various wheel sizes.  The most flexible option with the fastest setup/install & you can move them to the side when you are done.


Heavy Duty Lifts

The HD line has high capacity lifting so you can a vehicle safely to facilitate any work you want to do. With a low profile stance, expanded arm reach, and now can come with Shockwave speed packages.


Home Enthusiast Lifts

Do you work on your own vehicle or want extra storage space in your garage?  Direct Lifts are affordable, safe, and reliable for whatever truck, car or motorcycle you want to lift off the ground.

Customized solutions

Right lift for your needs

Custom CAD drawings

Continual communication

Equipment training

Installation & Service

Turnkey installation

Annual lift inspections available

Lift maintenance and service

24/7 online access to inspections


Easier to budget

Pays for itself

Maximize your capital capacity

Potential tax benefits