Wider GM framed trucks are on their way soon.  Be ready to update your lifts with the new wide flip up adapters and new wide truck adapters.

OEM certified adapters ensure your lift is still certified.  Rotary tests, engineers, and retests the adapters to make sure the meet the highest standard.

  • OEM Certified Adapters keep the lift certified
  • These adapters will work on new 2019 GM truck frames and previous frames
  • Knockoffs Bad!
  • Contact us today to get yours

Flip-up adapter extensions
Your current flip-up adapter feet slip right into these adapters and are perfectly engineered to fit in the index hole.  The kit includes two different adapters, one for the front of the vehicle (where the frame is wider) and one for the back of the vehicle which is a slightly taller.  The kit below includes all four you will need.

FJ6259 (set of 4) Flip-Up Adapter .Fits: SPOA10, SPO10, SL210-FA, Any Rotary lift with flip-up adapters

Truck adapters Standard Arms-FJ6258 (set of 2) Truck Adapters


  • SPOA10-RA & TA
  • SPO10
  • SPO12, 500-700 Series
  • SL210-RA & TA
  • SL212, 1000 Series

These adapters replace the current ones used and are wider to fit the frame of the vehicle. You’ll replace the front two adapters on the lift and continue to use the current ones you have.


Truck adapters Trio™ Arms-FJ6257 (set of 2) Truck Adapters

Specifically designed for the Trio™ arms engineered by Rotary these adapters have a collar that’s a little larger to work with the movable second stage design.


  • SPOA10-RA & TA
  • SPO10
  • SPO12, 10-400 Series
  • SL210-RA & TA
  • SL212, 500-800 Series
  • SL212, 1100 Series

McGee Company strives to stay on top of industry trends and partners with key vendors like Rotary to ensure we have a solution that fits your needs no matter the size of your shop with one lift to 80 bays!  With our dedication to the best service, products and support we want to grow together with you!