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McGee Company is proud to offer Quincy Compressor’s new ultra energy efficient air compressor, Quincy’s “Green” QGV series is variable capacity rotary screw compressor that matches compressor output to system demand which greatly reduces operating costs. By varying the speed of the compressor in response to changing system demand, the QGV compresses only as much air and uses only as much energy as the system requires to operate. The QGV features a touch screen interface panel that controls, monitors, and logs the entire system for operating status and alarms. QGV utilizes time proven components from other Quincy models so that parts availability is quick. Ranging from 20 horsepower to 200 horsepower, the QGV provides an energy efficient solution for all applications.

McGee Company is proud to support our customers with the QGV as well as many other energy saving compressors and accessories. At McGee Company we understand that as energy costs continue to rise power saved means profit directly to your company’s bottom line. With Rebates provided by many energy companies on QVG Compressors, premium efficiency motors and no loss drains McGee company is your go to source for added profits. We are here to provide you with the service and the energy solutions you need as well as the reliability you demand. Please contact your McGee Company Representative today to start saving today.   Looking for more information about McGee Company and air compressors?

Rental Compressors

Don’t you make enough trips to the pump?


McGee Company offers a full line of ELECTRIC compressor rentals ranging from 5 CFM to 250 CFM, eliminating the need for trips to the pump to refill your expensive diesel compressor.


Why use electric rental compressors?

  • Environmental reasons:
    •  Diesel units have exhaust/particulates that can be harmful
    • Electricity can be generated with renewables depending on your location
  • Noise reduction:
    •  Sound attenuating canopies keep noise levels down.
    • Safes workers hearing and improves their safety as they are more aware of their surroundings
  • Safety:
  • Automatic controls to start/stop them when pressure inside the tank reaches its boundary.
  • High versatility in moving smaller units with the electric style shape.


No matter what style rental compressor you choose, equipment failure slows down your business.  At McGee Company, we want to keep you up and running as long as possible, and that is why we offer a compressor rental program for electric screw or tank mounted compressors.  Our compressors and dryers suit a wide range of industries.  Set up, installation, and leasing are available with flexible time tables.

Please contact Jeff Robins or Jason Kretrzer with over a combined 35 years of experience at 1-800-525-8888 for pricing and availability or submit an inquiry online.

Quincy Compressor


Save money and time using electric compressors over gas.


Champion Compressors

Vertical and horizontal compressors

For the last 90 years, Champion Compressors have pushed the boundaries of the compressed air industry. The company philosophy has not changed today: design industrial grade air compressors for the professional.

The Champion Advantage series delivers a full line of compressed air assortments for every application.  Designed to work for years of use, the advantage series arrives with up to six standard, pre-installed accessories.  Champion  compressors come with a prorated five year warranty for parts and labor.

McGee Company is a leader in the sales, service and support of a wide range of compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment equipment. We offer a a wide range of products from Champion, Quincy, Becker, and Chicago Pneumatic.

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Quincy Compressors

The world’s finest air compressors has decades of experience in the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems. Our rotary screw and piston air compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment products can be found in the most demanding and critical installations. That’s why thousands of people and industries count on Quincy quality and reliability!

McGee Company is a leader in the sales, service and support of a wide range of air compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment equipment. McGee Company is a Quincy Compressor Distributor, Chicago Pneumatics, and Champion Distributor. We are also a distributor for Hankison and Belair air dryers and equipment. In addition to being a dealer for many the major compressor and air treatment manufacturers, we also fabricate and service equipment for all customers large and small. McGee Company is ready willing and able to meet all your compressor and air system needs.
Contact Jeff Robbins, Jason Kretzer, or Webster Owen who has a combined compressors sales experience of over 40 years.



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Air Compressors

McGee Company Air Compressors serves clients as an air compressor distributor in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico.
We are known for providing Air Compressor sales, mobile service, compressed air maintenance, as well as design and installation of air compressor systems. Educational training and air system seminars are also offered.

Since 1951 McGee Company has offered a full range of compressors.
Visit our resource page for video information about Quincy compressors.
Services Provided by McGee Company Compressed Air Products Division

  • We utilize the latest compressed air technology and vacuum equipment.
  • We perform energy-efficiency compressed air audits.
  • We design air compressor controls.
  • We Provide Piping design and installation.
  • We have a rental fleet of 6 electric compressors.
  • We provide assistance with power rebates for the purchase of VFD drives, premium motors, and no loss drains.

McGee Company has a team of experts available to help with your compressed air systems needs

Quincy Compressors

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