Equal Balancing Compound

Equal bag logo

What does Equal do?

    • Balances for the life of the tire, never needing adjustments
    • Keeps all tires balanced with no vibration and keeps even tread wear
    • More effective and less expensive than lead weights
    • Environmentally friendly

 How does it work?

IMI is not just the industry leader in internal balancing, EQUAL created the category over 20 years ago.  Replacing time-consuming, hazardous lead-weight balancing with an easy-to-use solution that dampens better, increases tire life, and improves fuel efficiency for the life of the tire is one of IMI’s proudest accomplishments.  EQUAL is a patented balancer and vibration dampener for the complete tire and wheel assembly. Unlike traditional lead weight balancing, EQUAL’s soft, plastic particles react to dampen and balance, adjusting with every rotation of the tire.


How much do I need?

Check out the commercial tire application chart: EQUAL-Wall-Chart_3-15