Air Tool Maintenance

The largest issue with air tool failure is improper lubrication.  It extends tools life with only a few drops of oil (0406) that goes directly into the whip hose or air inlet.  Simply run the tool for a few seconds after a few times a day and you’ll be good!  Check out our how to video.

Oil Daily 

Air tool conditioner

Calcium build up can occur as water evaporates in tools. Air Tool Conditioner (16ATC) returns a tool to normal speed and power by breaking the surface tension of minerals in the tool. Once per week is standard unless the tool is used frequently.

Use Conditioner

Protective covers can reduce wear/damage caused by abuse or dropping of air tools.  When a tool is dirty it can decrease power and the life of a tool.

Keep Tools Clean

Compressor Air piping

Air tools typically need between 90-100 PSI at the tool, but check manufacturer guidelines. You can hear leaks near the tool that create a loss of power.  It is important to check pressure at the tool to identify full efficiency.


Air Dryer

Moisture is condensed in air under pressure in the air lines and at the bottom of the tank. A compressor can make nearly 18 gallons of water vapor a day under average conditions of 75 degrees with 75% humidity. Your tools will experience loss of power, early failure, and potentially seize up with rust down the line as water moves through your system.

Drain Tank/Filters

Beat up impact tools and sockets significantly reduce the life of tools. Sockets won’t fit correctly if the beveled portion of the tip of the shank is worn. A loose or improper fit rounds the socket’s opening and once the socket is rounded it will wear the bevel quickly on the shank of a new tool similarly. Best practice is to purchase new sockets with a new wrench.

Warning Signs of Wear

Compressor filters

Depending on your situation some equipment only needs a filter/regulator, use your manual for more information. This increases efficiency of your air tools and extends performance life.

Install Filters


Compressor Repair


McGee Service, a division of McGee Company, offers compressor repair and maintenance services.  We work with a wide variety of compressors, like ChampionQuincy, and Chicago Pneumatic, with inspections and repair services.  Proper maintenance ensures that your shop is up and running at all times.

Get signed up for annual/semiannual preventative maintenance to keep you running nonstop. Contracting McGee Company to serve your preventative maintenance needs means you will get an email reminder a month out to schedule so we can work around your schedule.

Technician in Compressor department McGee Service truck

Compressed Air service is provided 24/7 and can be reached at 720-891-1105. We have four full-time techs on staff. If, by chance, you need a rental or portable compressor so you don’t slow down,  McGee Service offers portable compressors or rental compressors so you can keep your business running. Whether you have a Quincy, Champion, Chicago Pneumatic, Sullivan Gardner Denver, CompAir, Sullair, Kaeser, Ingersol Rand, Atlas Copco, or compressor, we have the skill & knowledge to service, troubleshoot and fix your air compressor.


McGee and McGee Service are known for:

  • Providing design and installation of compressed air systems
  • Mobile service
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Sales of compressors.

Call now for all your compressor needs 303-777-2615 in Colorado.

Direct Lifts

Direct Lifts, Automotive Service Equipment & Supplies

McGee Company now stocks Direct Lifts, which are produced by the same manufacture of Rotary and Revolution lifts. Direct Lift is an inexpensive lift line designed for light duty service and the car enthusiast.  Direct lift is ” America’s #1 hobbyist lift” and great for all ranges of ability.  Let us help you find the right automotive lift and get you the custom garage feel.

Lubrication and Piping Installation

Lubrication Equipment Systems & Parts

Lube Tankroom

McGee Company stocks the largest selection of Graco lubrication and piping installation equipment in the Western United States.  Lubrication Fireball pumps, electronic meters, diaphragm pumps are in stock.
McGee Company can provide new facility CAD drawings to suit any of your needs.
McGee Company manufactures oil storage tanks for new and used oil up to 1000 gallons in addition to stocking Roth Hybrid tanks. We
specialize in lubrication equipment and lubrication systems for car dealerships, quick lubes and fleet operations.

McGee Company can provide you all your lubrication product needs including installation of the piping system and lubrication equipment. We specialize in lubrication systems for car dealerships, quick lubes and fleet operations.

Valve Hardware

McGee Company specializes in valve hardware for all tire inflation applications. Puzzled by a tire inflation issue? Contact us to figure out your needs. We stock Schrader and Dill as well as import valves, hardware, gauges and tools for passenger, truck and OTR.  Need help sizing your valve based on your model? Check out our Schrader and Dill guides to get the exact model.